Monday, May 19, 2008

Cool Stuff From IOGEAR

I was reading a post on Engadget about a new networked USB device from IOGEAR, and in the process found out that they make all kinds of cool stuff.

Let's start with what drew me to their site in the first place, the USB Net ShareStation . It's a networked USB port. Plug it in to your router via it's 10/100mbps port, then plug any 1.1 or 2.0 USB device into it for network access. It will even support connection of a 4 port USB hub instead of just a single device and it supports multi-function printer sharing. I like the fact that it's a hardwired device. If your router has Wi-Fi you can use it from anywhere wirelessly, and yet still be hardwired when you're at your workstation for better throughput.

The next thing I stumbled across is their Portable Media Player. It's basically a 120GB portable hard drive with a USB input and Composite/Component RCA outputs, plus media player functionality. It supports a wide variety of media formats and it even comes with a remote. Too cool!

My favorite device by far though, is their 4 Port Automatic HDMI Switch. A 4 in 1 out auto sensing HDMI switch that also comes with a remote, just in case you have more than one device powered up and your butt is parked on the couch.

Check out their site, they've got a lot more cool stuff, from video extenders to a really slick Mobile Digital Scribe, an electronic pen that captures handwriting from any surface.

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