Sunday, June 8, 2008


We've been unplugged for the last few days, and it was soooo nice. No Internet, no phone, no cable, and barely any cell service at all. Of course, we weren't completely unplugged. We had the iPods, and there is a vintage tv set with rabbit ears in the cottage, but we were without the major distractor factors.

Hey, who needs technology when you've got fresh lobster sauteed in butter and wild blueberry pie? Not me. It's been way to long since we took a real break, and although this one was short, it was sweet, and just what the Dr. ordered.

I find that if I'm connected, I just don't relax. Even when I'm home under the weather, I still end up fielding calls or on the PC. Our home phone never stops ringing, and half the time it's someone looking for a donation or trying to get us to participate in some survey.

"Is this Mr. or Mrs. berryjocks? I'm calling on behalf of the Crop Dusters Benevolent Society and we're raising money to buy gas masks for the pilots. Should we put you down for the standard "Golden Mask" contribution of 50 dollars? There are cheaper packages, if you're not fully committed to saving lives..."

They always butcher your name, and they always spit out at least a paragraph before you can get a word in edgewise. It drives me nuts.

So, it was time to retreat. Time to lay in the sun, read, nap, walk the beach, and of course, eat. No ringing phones, no urgent emails, nothing but our own agenda.

Unlike most things in our lives today, you can't recharge your internal batteries unless you unplug.

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