Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The Pats are back tomorrow night on WCVB @ 7:30pm. They'll be playing their first preseason game of the 2008 season against the Ravens at Gillette, and I'm glad they're back.

Although preseason games are meaningless, and don't amount to much more than a glorified practice session, I still enjoy seeing the team take shape. Watching the competition for roster spots and seeing the players develop (or not) into their roles is pretty cool.

It's also my favorite time of the year. Late summer, baseball and football overlapping, plus this year we have the Olympics to boot. It's a sports fan's dream. For me, it just doesn't get much better. As George Costanza would say, "It's like eating while having sex!".

I'm also hoping that the start of a new season will help me finally get "The Game That Won't Be Mentioned" out of my mind.

I was so bitterly disappointed last season, although I shouldn't have been. The ending was painful, no doubt, but the season brought so much pleasure to both my Dad and I, that I really shouldn't complain.

My Dad was sick, and even Hollywood couldn't have scripted last season any better as a tonic for a life long fan watching his last season. He hung with us until the AFC Championship, and left assured that the big game was in the bag.

Man, would he have been pissed.

Anyway, if the weather cooperates, I'll have the portable out by the pool, a couple of steaks sizzilin' on the grill, and a great big happy grin on my face. I recommend you spend your evening the same way.

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