Friday, September 26, 2008

Bingo! I Got Bingo!

Troy Brown ended his 15 year pro football career yesterday just the way he started it, in Patriot red, white and blue, and for him (and Patriot Nation), it was the ultimate Bingo.

Troy has been the very definition of a team player. Offense, defense, special teams, whatever was asked of him, he stepped up and took it on. Not only took it on, but more often than not, excelled at it. No big talk, no big contracts, just hard work and dedication. As Belichick likes to say, “He’s a football player.”, and that’s the ultimate compliment from a coach and football historian like Bill.

I’d love to see him stay involved with the team, but whatever he decides to do; I know he will do it well. Troy Brown is a man that gets it, and that’s a rare thing.

Coverage of Troy Brown press conference.

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