Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not So Deep Thoughts…

Some stuff I’ve been ruminating on over the long hot summer:

I’m really excited about WEEI’s new website makeover. All the writers I don’t like on a website I don’t go to. Sweet! Had I known what they were up to, I would have donated money to go towards signing bonuses. Maybe they could have stolen Maz away from BDC…

If there was no HGTV, would my wife still want to paint anything that doesn’t move?

I’ve mowed my own lawn forever and done less damage the entire time than my new (soon to be ex) landscaper has done in a month.

agree to be executor of anyone’s estate!

You know you’re in for trouble when a coworker says “Everyone in my family has the stomach bug except for me”, and the next day they’re out.

Why do so few people backup their files? When your PC dies, and it will, all those digital pictures you’ve been taking, and all that music you’ve been downloading, will be gone forever, and no amount of whining or teeth gnashing will change that. Only you can prevent stupidity.

For me, the single greatest invention of the 21st century is the portable mp3 player. Having my entire music collection in my pocket is an amazing thing, and one of the most Jetson-esque things that the world of technology has brought us thus far.

You can call me a dyed in the wool homer (cause I am), but I still think the Pats will have another great season, despite their dismal play in the preseason. They need Brady on the field to coalesce as a team, and hopefully that will be happening soon. I’m beginning to believe the broken bone in the foot rumblings, although if I were dating Gisele, I’d be hard to find also. (Sorry Hon, but have you seen the happy couple’s photos on BDC?)

The Sox… Ah, the Sox. What can you say? Another soap opera season that somehow, against all odds, has begun to pick up steam again. Man O’ Manny, could they have asked for any better outcome to a really tough situation? I don’t think so. The front office has once again turned lemons into lemonade to slake the thirst of Red Sox Nation. Good job!

And speaking of Red Sox Nation… Don't be buying yourself one of those stupid membership cards. I got an email the other day warning me that “time was short to join Red Sox Nation during the 2008 season”. Being a true member is a state of mind, and has nothing to do with paying $14.95 for a colorful piece of plastic.

That is all.

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