Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keeping Your Lines Of Communication Open

With all the tropical storms and hurricanes that have been popping up the last couple of weeks, I thought it was a good time to share a little tip that might help you stay connected with the outside world the next time the power goes out.

You should always keep a corded phone on hand, as they get the juice they need to operate through line power. A standard corded phone set will work even during a power outage, while a cordless phone won’t, as it needs external power to operate.

Most of the corded phones on the market today are cheap plastic pieces of crap that you wouldn’t want to have in your house, but Crosley has some really cool ones. They’re reproductions of some of the most popular phones from the past, and they’re solid, well built and sound great.

We have a 1930’s era Kettle Classic desk phone in the kitchen and we love it. It looks great, works great, and everyone that comes in plays with it as soon as they spot it. Target has a few models in-store, if you want to check them out live and in technicolor, or you can order them directly from the Crosley Radio website.

One more thing; if you have FiOS, you should also check the fiber optic transceiver’s battery backup unit every so often. This is the device that converts the fiber optic connection to copper, and it needs power to work. The battery backup unit will keep your phone line up for about an hour in case of a power failure, and it has a nice set of led lights to indicate its status.

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