Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Bowl Widget

Season 4 of Lost begins now!

Wednesday, January 30th - 9pm to 11pm EST
Enhanced version of the season 3 finale "Through The Looking Glass"

Thursday, January 31st - 8pm to 9pm EST
Retrospective "Past, Present And Future"

Thursday, January 31st - 9pm to 10:02pm EST
Season 4 Premier "The Beginning Of The End"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coping 101

I had a special relationship with my Dad. As a kid he used to take me to every sporting event in the Boston area. Red Sox, Pats, Bruins, BC, you name it, we were there. Our mutual love of sports carried on throughout our lives and insured that we always had something to discuss, no matter what.

I loved it when we could be together, but even when we were a thousand miles apart, we’d talk on the phone every night, sometimes for an hour or more. He would tell me about his day (especially the meals) and I would tell him about the family and his hometown happenings while we watched sports together. If he wasn't getting the game, I would often do play by play for him, so I was really lucky that I was here to watch the Patriots season finale with him, plus the first playoff game.

He slept through a lot of the Jags game. When he woke up the game was over and he asked me who won. When I told him the Pats he said "Oh, this changes everything. I’ve gotta get out of here now." It was pretty much our last casual conversation and it really summed him up. Always brave and funny, even when he was facing death.

Sunday night after the Pats victory over the Chargers I had this panicky thought that I hadn't called him to talk about the win, then I realized I was sitting in his living room. At first I got really sad, then it dawned on me that he'll be with me for every down and every at bat for the rest of my life. He’ll always be there with me when I’m watching our favorite teams.

That’s what I want you all to take away with you today. He was a man who touched a lot of people's lives. If he touched yours, use those little things that you shared with him as a way to keep him alive in your heart. If you just happened by and didn't know him from Adam, it's still good advice. We all lose people we love and we all need help coping with that loss.

And speaking of coping, take some time and check out Hospice Care if you're not already familiar with it. Very special place, very special people. Our experience was with Hope Hospice in Cape Coral, FL. and I can not say enough good things about them. They don't just help the patient, they help the whole family.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pats are AFC Champions and will face the Giants in Superbowl XLII

The streak continues and the Pats have only one more opponent to face to achieve the perfect season and win their 4th Superbowl, the New York Football Giants.

It promises to be a great game and I'm very optimistic. Although the Giants gave the Patriots a hell of a game to end the season, the Pats and their coaches have withstood the Giants best and are unbelievably good at game planning a team the second time around.

Plus, we have the added advantage of the will of the Grampster and all who loved him!

Go Pats!

The Passing of a Great Man.

My Dad passed away this weekend and although it has been an incredibly sad experience my heart has been lifted by the outpouring of love and support shown by all our friends and family. I can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate it.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his memory to:

Hope Hospice - Hospice House North
2430 Diplomat Parkway East
Cape Coral, Florida 33909

You can visit their website here: http://www.hopehospice.org/

Make sure you root for the Patriots today. He was counting on them going all the way and I'm sure he'll be watching.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Usually Don't Agree With Anything...

that Chris Matthews says, but I saw him on Leno last night and found that we think alike on at least one subject.

He was discussing the primary elections and he said something to the effect of "He may not be the best debater and he may not have a lot of experience but if you ever get to hear Barack Obama give a speech and you don't come away with tears in your eyes, then you're not a true American."

I had the good fortune to hear him speak a while back when he was the commencement speaker at my son's graduation (UMASS Boston, Class of 2006) and prior to that I knew virtually nothing about him. I was incredibly moved by his speech, as was the rest of the crowd judging from the applause. Afterwards I turned to my wife and said "If the Democrats want to win in '08, this is the guy." So if you get a chance to see him when he works his way through your state you should seize the opportunity. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The CES Followed By The NFL Playoffs - A Sports Freak/Techno-Geek's Dream Week!

I saw some really interesting reports on all the cool stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show last week and man, was I surprised by the outcome of this weekend's playoff games (except for the Pats, of course). Unfortunatley I wasn't able to give either the show or the games my undivided attention, but I did get to watch another Pat's game with my Dad.

I'll find time to talk about both of them soon, I promise. In the meantime, check out Spot, it's one of my favorite new products.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fly jetBlue!

Well, I'm back in Florida again. I flew home to Boston on New Years Eve to take care of a few things on the home front and to pack a larger bag (you can't live out of a carry on for too long in a warm climate...p.u.) and then turned right around and headed back to Fort Myers on Thursday. I wanted to share my recent flying experiences with you before other things crowded the thoughts right out of my small and overloaded mind.

If you haven't already flown jetBlue you should give them a try, I've been pleasantly surprised by them.

From Cindy at the Logan ticketing counter, who actually remembers me each time I pass through and helps to speed me on my way with a genuine smile, to the pilot of Thursday's flight who went back to the departure lounge to look for my lucky Patriots hat that I had carelessly left behind (yes, I said the pilot), this is a great bunch of people who really care about doing their jobs well and making your travel a little easier to deal with.

On top of the great service the seats are very comfortable with lots of legroom and there's a personal TV screen with DirectTV and XM satellite radio mounted on the back of each one. New Years Eve I passed the time flipping through 3 bowl games and a live NBC NY feed from Times Square. It sure helped to distract me and pass the time.

Can it get any better than this? Yes, their fares were half the price of the other airlines for a next day holiday flight. I'm hooked and I think you will be too!

P.S. for Pats fans:

The pilot didn't have any luck finding my hat, I must have left it on the security conveyor like a dope. I have been a little distracted of late, but rest assured, when I get back I will hunt it down. Hopefully it's languishing in the Massport lost and found and I'll be able to retrieve it before the first playoff game. I've worn it for all 16 wins this season and I am one superstitious fan!