Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take Control With The Proliphix IP Thermostat

With the cost of energy these days, it’s a good idea to install programmable thermostats in your home. There’s quite a few available, and they run the gamut from cheap and functional to slick and remotely manageable.

Check out the Proliphix IP Thermostat on This one is in the slick and remotely manageable category, and it’s a great choice if you want total control of your home or vacation property’s heating and cooling systems.

It hooks up to your LAN via a PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection and allows you to monitor and control your heat and central air systems through your web browser, either locally or remotely. You can even set it to notify you via email when temperatures reach your programmed thresholds.

With the 2 port kit you can add 1 additional thermostat, allowing you to control 2 separate zones, and you can add 2 additional remote temperature sensors to each thermostat (the system will give you a temperature average of the rooms). They also offer a kit with a six port power adaptor, allowing you to control up to six zones.

Remote access to the thermostats has to come through the Poliphix web site, but this provides a nice security layer, and the service is free. They also have very comprehensive install and configuration guides on the site.


Anonymous said...

You should also checkout for your Proliphix Thermostat. We provide a ton of additional features such as data logging, graphing, alerts, mobile access, custom programming and a dashboard.

Nate said...

Just found this post and wanted to also add that our (Proliphix) energy management solutions are also a great fit in commercial environments.

Further, you may be interested in seeing demos on virtual thermostats on the newly re-launched proliphix web site. Berryjooks, let me know if you ever have questions or comments, I'm happy to help.