Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Such Deep Thoughts, Part IV

Old berry has been busy lately and hasn’t had much time for blogging, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking, and while I have a moment to breathe, I thought I’d share a few of those thoughts with you:

Once again, it’s a great time to be a Boston sports fan. The Bruins and Celtics are both in the playoffs, the Sox are cranking it up in a beautiful home stand with the Yankees, and Bill is knee deep in the NFL draft. It just doesn’t get any better then this.

I’m getting a little behind the curve in the yard care department, and although I’m beat down tired, I’m about to jump back into my role as Chauncey Gardener. There’s nothing that clears the mind like working in the yard on a beautiful spring day. Kneeling on the still damp ground while you get your hands dirty scooping wet, black soil around fresh plantings, the warm sun on your back as you commune with nature in a most intimate way, it's perhaps the best therapy money can’t buy.

I love jelly donuts, but they do not hold me in the same high regard.

I know that a lot of people think that printed newspapers have outlived their usefulness and are a dying breed, but I’m not one of them. While it’s true that most information today can be found online, and can also be downloaded to your iPod or Kindle for offline enjoyment, I would miss terribly the “sharing of the Sunday paper” ritual that’s been so much a part of my life. Passing around an e-ink display will just never measure up in the family bonding department. Perhaps a melding of the two technologies would prove both satisfying and profitable: a subscription to the daily news on a reader that included a once a week hard copy on Sundays. I’d certainly buy into that.

That is all.

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