Saturday, February 23, 2008

No Mas!

That's it. I've had it with winter.

Although yesterday's snow was light and fluffy, 9 inches of light and fluffy snow is still a pain in my lower back to rearrange.

I think this one bothered me more because I've been in Florida since Christmas and I've lost my winter mindset completely. Plus it was a two day cleanup. We had about 6 inches when I did it last night, but the plows and another 3 inches of fluff insured a repeat performance today.

There are two things that I do enjoy about snow storms though, and I use them both in tandem to help me slog through to the finish.

When I first get started I derive great pleasure in the throaty growl of my trusty Toro two stage. Hearing it start, rough at first, and then smoothing out nicely, fills me with delight. I get that "I ain't gonna have to shovel all this crap" euphoria, and I dive right in with a maniacal grin.

After a little while that feeling starts to fade as I tire of bulling it through the bankings and the blowback freezing on my face and beard thickens. That's when I know it's time for my second small pleasure.

Gatorade slush.

Before I start I take a large plastic cup of orange Gatorade out with me and jam it into a snow bank. Between the cold of the snow bank and the falling snow landing in the cup it reaches the perfect viscosity in no time. Oh, baby... that's good stuff.

But not that good. I'm going back to Florida.

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