Monday, April 5, 2010

So Good, So Good, So Good!

Sounds are very powerful memory aids and can evoke images we’ve long forgotten. For me, there’s no sound sweeter than the crack of a bat on a ball. It conjures up memories from many stages of my life. From the incredible feeling of the wood vibrating in my hands as I had my first solid connect in Little League, to the excitement I feel when one of our hometown boys gets a game changing hit, it’s deeply ingrained in my mind as a precursor to happiness.

I was getting a little worried there when the bats were silent through the first 5 innings, but Petey and Youk eventually provided the soundtrack for tonight’s memories, and the Sox finished things off in fine style.

The season is off and running, the team has their first win under their belts, and there are 161 more games to go. Could life be any better?

Go Sox!

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